Choosing Children: An Adoption Story

We have an adoption worker and, a kid’s room!

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We heard back today from our intake worker that our paper work has been processed and has been given to an adoption worker. The adoption worker should contact us in the next few weeks. To set up a preliminary interview.

I’m really excited to be past the paper work and know we now have an individual case worker.

*** UPDATE ***

Just a day after we heard about the paper work we were contacted by our adoption worker. Our preliminary interview is set for July 29, 2011.

I also found out from some Google-Fu that the worker is a private adoption worker. This could be significant because usually private adoption workers are the ones who do the homestudy for people doing private domestic or international adoption. Whereas with public domestic we would be more likely to get a CAS staff person. It is the summer so they may simply be covering summer vacations, or maybe we’re being fast tracked. Hard to know.

In other news a friend of ours knew someone who was moving from a house to a condo and as a result was getting rid of a single bed, mattress, chair and dresser. We picked them all up on Saturday and spent the day re-arranging out apartment. The result: our first kids bedroom!


Written by BeagleSmuggler

July 26, 2011 at 9:00 am

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