Choosing Children: An Adoption Story

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One of the most difficult things about the adoption process is the waiting, and I know it is only going to get worse from where we are. Adoption progresses in infinitesimally small intervals that are invisible to family and friends. There is no standard 9 (or really 10) months with an expected outcome and long periods can go by without anything seeming to happen at all. This makes it important to me to celebrate the small steps.

Today, I’m happy because the final member of our family has been told about our adoption plans. This means we can be much more publically open about where we are in the process.

We are also celebrating another small step, we are fully packed to move into a three bedroom in our housing cooperative. This means we have the room to accept two children at any time.

Still on the “to-do” list:
– (Possibly) S.’s final vaccine
– S.’s medical papers
– C.’s medical papers
– Confirm which budget is to go into adoption paperwork
– S.’s work verifications
– C.’s work verifications
– Couples photography
– Submit paperwork
– PRIDE training
– 6 to 8 home visits
– Adoption approval (hopefully)
– Buy beds / dressers etc… for kids rooms
– Waiting, waiting and more waiting.


Written by BeagleSmuggler

April 26, 2011 at 9:00 am